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The Green Recycling Machine

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The Green Recycling Machine, aka 'The Universal Compression and Containment System' can easily crush glass, cans, plastic and household garbage into small manageable blocks of waste. This Compression machine will bail and bag many different components, such as hog fuel and topsoil just to name a few. This machine can be built as small as a twelve-inch square chamber or, as large as a 5-foot by 5-foot square chamber. The small machine is great for recycling one product at a time. For example grouping all aluminum cans together to form one large aluminum block, or, grouping all cardboard to form one solid paper and cardboard block. The larger compression and containment machines are designed for compression of large quantities of household garbage and would work very well in garbage dumps. By compressing the waste in garbage dumps into 5-foot by 5-foot square blocks, and placing them together in a large waste site, it will use about a third less of the area. Saving our land use for other more important things. Once you have a large area with all your blocks in place, use barring with a foot of soil on top. Next, use a pipe with a hole in every layer of the garbage blocks and soil. This will contain the methane gas that comes from the compressed garbage blocks. The methane gas then can be used to power your Universal Compression and Containment System. This machine is a very high environmentally friendly and efficient piece of equipment.

The Universal Compression and Containment System was designed and patented in 2009 by Brad Blackburn (Owner of Blackburn Trucking and Claw Manufacturing). Please contact ClawM at Link for any orders or additional information regarding the ClawM patented Universal Compression and Containment System.

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