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Business For Sale - patents included!

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This company is a unique manufacturer of traction studs for rubber track machinery. Our business has a Canadian patent, USA patent pending on all the developed products over the last year and a half and has applied for a International patent on the Canadian patent. The company has 11 products. All our products have been manufactured, tested and sold. Sales this year have been great and we have been seeing huge sales increases from the previous year (When we opened the business).

This business would be great for someone who has experience managing a manufacturing company, with strong knowledge of sales strategies. It would also be great if this person had knowledge of construction equipment, and the industry's they are used in (logging, landscaping, snow plowing, farming, construction). If you are looking for a company to grow with amazing products that can change the industry, this is the right company for you.

This year we have seen huge growth and at some points in the year we had difficulty keeping up with demand and had to hire additional help. With most products earning 50% or more profit over their cost, our financials are quite healthy.
Our products are uniquely manufactured and are the only traction stud with this design which has been proven to be much more advanced, practical, and durable than the competitors.
Our company is currently developing a solid rubber tire which will allow the installation of our studs for amazing traction in even the most extreme terrains.

With hundreds of clients, and many dealers on board with our products, we have a developing, but strong, customer base. Our company has many customer testimonials to speak to our commitments to customer service and quality products.
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