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Fold Out Bucket Holding Device "Container Drip Drainer"

[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Tools]
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This issued patent number 9,085,379 of a new drip draining tool for buckets and pails and has many versatile uses. A smaller version of same tool for holding Pots and Pans in the kitchen before washing or the larger size for any size bucket or pail to drip drain for cleaning and reuse as well as save of material and folds away for any time use for drip drain of any liquids in the paint industry as well as the auto industry for drip drain of containers of various kinds such as oil cans and jugs and can even hold hanging basket in buckets for soaking of parts in solvents. This Container Draining Tool can be made of cardboard material as well as core plastic and serve several uses and very cheap to manufacture and mass produce and storage is phenomenal. Paint Contractors line up several buckets for draining buckets while cleanup of other tools are done and not have to take time standing holding buckets to get all contents out costing time and money. Auto Mechanics like the saving of buckets for reuse and can also perform other duties while buckets are draining all waste liquids in to drums. There is nothing on the market for holding buckets and pails and also a smaller version for pots and pans in a kitchen application.

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This is a tool that is for the safe disposal of waste and the saving of time for the user as well as enable the user to attend other tasks while drip drain completes for a cleaner environment as this tool will save money, time, and mess cleanup. This Utility Patent is for sale as I have several other home products as well that has my full attention now that I am finished with the "Container Drip Drainer Tool". Moving over to software apps for investment so also willing to sell other potential market products I have as well. My products are evaluated to sell to more than 80% of two industries or to the public.

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