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Crank less four stroke engine

[Category : - Motors]
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Crank less four stroke combustion engine

US Patent number: US 9368100B2 Mabrouk Telahigue

Compact, light weight, highly efficient and reliable internal combustion engine.

⁃ Works exactly according to the well established principals of conventional engine, in term of compression, firing order, valve advance and delay opening, pistons velocity and speed.
⁃ Minimum moving parts no crank shaft and cam shaft (less loss by friction)
⁃ The linear motion of piston is not converted to roatation.
⁃ The force of the piston on the power stroke is used directly in its linear form to compress hydraulic oil that could spin a flywheel. The force also could drive a linear generator and others devices.
⁃ Could use all kind of fuel: the compression ratio is easily modified.
⁃ Modular engine: piston could be added to double or triple the power.
⁃ Could function like a big bang engine by firing tow pistons simultaneously.
⁃ The pistons could be inserted in their respective cylinders from the bottom, the engine head could be part of the cylinder block and the engine head gasket become unnecessary.
⁃ The piston could be very short, no need of a skirt for guidance.
⁃ Could be configured to combine two and four stroke engine.
⁃ Hydraulic hybrid vehicle could use the high pressure oil for power streering, power breaks and hydraulic transmission.
⁃ Easy to built and to maintain.

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