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No Moving Part /No Smoke /Noiseless (Aluminum Fuel Generator (FG)

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Aluminum Fuel Generator (FG)

Summery Description:

Aluminum Fuel Generator, Now Popularly know as With Maintenance Free Energy Generator (WMFG) is the generator of the century which was recently discovered from rusting of Aluminum (sulphation), through purification. while we were studying free-energy engine, chemically. The fuel is transparent in color and not flammable.

Full Description:

Aluminum Fuel Generator is the type of engine we created along with its fuel, which is transparent in color. This Engine is smokeless and noiseless while working and its very powerful with small size. currently I have two types of Engine of the same Generator, one uses one fuel input just as the 860w-generator, and the other uses two fuel just like the 2.4kw-generator, with petrol and lubricator oil. the first generator has to do with no suppressor or compressible part and requires no compression while the second engine requires compression. this is to provide more power with an incredibly small space & size.

Financial information

The generator is very economical and affordable

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