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Toaster Mate

[Category : - Food- Cooking]
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PROBLEM SOLVED: Tired of burning one side of your toast, when you only want one slice, or one PopTart, or one waffle?
Now there's Toaster Mate (Trademark registered July 12, 2017).

MARKET: There IS nothing like it on the market!! Women love the Toaster Mate, but there is the occasional man. The big burly guy who delivered my new fridge, wants a Toaster Mate just as soon as I can get him one. Turns out he eats 4 eggs and 1 PopTart every morning.

Market would be anyone who owns a slotted toaster. Citizens of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia eat the most toast.

MANUFACTURE: Toaster Mate is made of mold poured, stained, un-glazed, high fired ceramic. (Glazing reflects heat and defeats the purpose.) It is shaped like a piece of toast, but has cut outs and cavities to increase surface area for absorption of heat, and vertical grooves for venting heat. (Please see picture.)

HOW IT WORKS: Toaster Mate is inserted into the empty slot of any toaster opposite the product you wish to toast. It protects the side of your toast that usually gets burned by heat reflecting over from the empty slot.

You can view my working prototype @ Link (We are still working on that website.)

PATENT: Receipt for Non-provisional Utility Patent application from the USPTO (Jan 17, 2017) and Notification of Allowance received via my patent attorney (July 16, 2017). Patent will be published as soon as the USPTO processes my $240 fee.

Financial information

MARKET : 2015 census reported 183 million households in the USA.
Correcting for Hispanic or other cultures who might not eat toast (or own a toaster), that still leaves approximately 93 million households with a 2 slot toaster. College students in dorms also use toasters. (5% of households use a toaster over).

Internationally, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia eat the most toast. I will file a PCT application very shortly.

There IS nothing else like the Toaster Mate!

Cost to manufacture is approximately $2.00 per unit.
Add clamshell packaging to protect and a nice box, for decorative sales appeal. Retail price approximately $15.00.

Toaster Mate has not yet been marketed.

My preference would be to license my patent, trademark, and website to one company for exclusive use, for a down payment plus royalty for a period of 6 years. The smaller the royalty, the larger the down payment.

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