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Toaster Mate

[Category : - Food- Appliances and houseware- Cooking]
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PROBLEM SOLVED: Tired of burning one side of your toast? Are you a toast watcher? When you only want one slice, or one PopTart, or one waffle, now there's Toaster Mate (trademark registered July 12, 2017). The Toaster Mate will protect the side of your toast that usually gets over done - or BURNED! No more watching the toaster!

There IS nothing like it on the market!! Women love the Toaster Mate. And a few guys love it too. The big burly guy who delivered my new fridge, wants a Toaster Mate just as soon as I can get him one. Turns out he eats 4 eggs and 1 PopTart every morning.

MARKET: Anyone who owns a slotted toaster - estimated 100 million households in the US, plus those of Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. Application is in process for PCT.

MANUFACTURE: Toaster Mate is made of mold poured, unglazed porcelain. A pigment is added to the slip for color. (Glazing reflects heat and defeats the purpose.) It is shaped like a piece of toast, but has cut outs and cavities to increase surface area for absorption of heat, and vertical grooves for venting heat. (I will have new pictures soon, with a new golden brown color.)

HOW IT WORKS: Toaster Mate is inserted into the empty slot of any toaster opposite the product you wish to toast. Then just toast as usual.

You can view my working prototype @ Link (We are still working on that website.)

PATENT: Patent #9743805 - Issue Date 08/29/2017. Receipt for Non-provisional Utility Patent application from the USPTO (Jan 17, 2017).

Financial information

MARKET : The Toaster Mate works with ANY slotted toaster.
2015 census reported 183 million households in the USA. Correcting for Hispanic or other cultures who might not eat toast (or own a toaster), that still leaves approximately 93 million households with a slotted toaster. College students in dorms also use toasters, and employee break rooms. (Only 5% of households use a toaster over). 36 million toasters were sold in 2015.

Internationally, citizens of Great Britain, Canada, and Australia eat the most toast. PCT application is in process.

There IS nothing else like the Toaster Mate!
Retailer will need to advertise, to educate the public, because they have never used anything like it before. It is very easy, but at present is unknown.

Manufacturing: I have models and CAD file. Cost to make - estimated @ $1.50 each (China). Weight per item 3.75 oz.

Add clamshell packaging to protect, and a nice box for decorative sales appeal: aprox $1 each.

Wholesale price: approx $10. Retail price: $15 to $20.
Just right for a wedding shower gift, or a Christmas gift.
A deluxe version could be sold with a padded storage pouch.

Toaster Mate has not yet been marketed.

The Toaster Mate might possibly decrease the amount of bread sold, but then again, more folks might make toast, now that making toast is less frustrating. Folks might not buy toaster ovens, now that they can make good toast in a regular slotted toaster. Manufacturers can make up the loss, by selling more slotted toasters. I don't see a big loss for anyone.

My preference would be to license my PATENT and TRADEMARK, for an advance on royalties of $20K, plus a royalty of 5%. Contract would of course, stipulate a minimum contract payment.

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