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Reinvented Silicone Spatula Apparatus - Utility & Design Patents

[Category : - Cooking]
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The patented product is a reinvented silicon spatula. It does everything a spatula can do, plus a whole lot more because of the patented elongated wedge that runs along the length of the product. Between the standard spatula head and the elongated body, the tool can be used for many different functions.

The Cooking and Home & Kitchen industries bring in billions of dollars per year. There are countless different utensils out there as well, but none can use the patented wedge.

Financial information

The product is currently selling on my personal website, as well as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. However, I'm more so looking to sell the intellectual property. You could of course continue selling the Speegee, but the main purpose of this sale is to use the IP to create new products.

The I.P. contains the patents, all trademarks (names and logos), as well as the website. If you're only interested in the patents, that can be arranged, as well.

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