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Cycling Analysis Program

[Category : - Biking]
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The program helps cyclists to analyze any route they intend to go ride in terms of the energy they will need as it relates to their nutritional energy intake, whether it may be for a race, or for an adventure.

The cyclist tells the program about himself/herself; weight (including that of his/her bike), height, sex, age, etc, and then about his/her route, which can be divided into many sections; flats, climbs, descents, etc, and how fast he/she would like to ride each section.

The program then calculates the cyclist's energy he/she would need for each section, as well as at what rate the energy will be burned in order to ride it in the time intended. The cyclist will thus see in advance how much energy he/she will need in order to complete the whole route, and whether he/she will burn energy too fast during any section of the route according to his/her own abilities, as well as see how much nutrition of any kind is needed to supply the route's energy requirements.

The program calculates the cyclist's energy demand in terms of the following criteria; gravitational pull on climbs and descents; road and component friction of his/her bike, which the program calculates from a simple test the cyclist does; the drag (wind resistance), where the cyclist can enter wind speed and angle for each section as well, should he/she have it, or use approximates given by the weather bureau; energy loss due to acceleration (inertia); energy loss due to heat loss as a result of the temperature difference between the cyclist's body and the ambient temperature; and includes the energy (Basal metabolic rate) the cyclist's body needs to keep his bodily functions going while cycling.

The cyclist thus have a complete picture of how his/her energy will be distributed over the course of the route, and how much energy he/she should take in. The program helps cyclists not to burn themselves out too early by assisting them in selecting the right spped for each section of the route, so they will not fail to complete the route due to early muscles fatique, whilst still deliver their best personal performance.

The program is a stand alone executable application that uses all Excel versions from 2002 as interface for communication, and has copy protection code that makes it impossible to copy from one computer to another, where each user first need to buy an activation code that is derived from his/her computer's system ID. (Should you like, I can send you the program and give you a trial code to have a look at the program).

These are the main features of the program, and it can be used by both metric and imperial unit users. With the program comes a tutorial that teaches a cyclist all he/she needs to know about energy, making it very simple to use the program.

Financial information

The program can be sold to millions of cyclists all over the world. I am a physicist, engineer and inventor, and am not interested in the business side of it as I continue with the development of my next project. You can sell the program in CD format, or directly downloadable from a website. You can give it your own name, and market it as part of your own product line.

There are not similar products available on the market.

I prefer to sell the program outright, However, royalties can be negotiated. I am willing to sell it for US$ 200 thousand. You can easily sell the program for US$ 90, thus recoup your investment with the first 2,222 sales, of which its potential (cyclists) is in the tens of millions world wide.

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