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Pulse electromagnetic treatment of liquids

[Category : - Agriculture- HEALTH- Cleaning devices]
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The technology consists in applying short electromagnetic pulses of high amplitude for processing liquids transported through pipelines made of non-magnetic materials. For processing, a small electromagnetic system is used that is installed on the pipeline. As a result of the water treatment, the hardness salts in it are transferred to a different physical state, in which there is no scale in the heating devices, and the existing scale is gradually removed, no chemical water softeners are required Washing machines, the consumption of detergents is reduced by 30%.rnTreated water can be used in medicine, with internal use for several months, the stones in the internal organs are dissolved, tartar and dental plaque is removed. With external use, the dryness of the skin decreases.rnWhen using treated water to irrigate plants, their growth is accelerated and yields are increased.rnConcrete, made with the use of treated water, becomes more plastic, and when dried more hard.rnSome wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, especially of low quality, use this technology to improve their taste.Has the same effect as - Link but much cheaper, smaller, uses less electricity, is easy to install. The cost price is less than 5 USD.rnFor medical purposes it has the same effect as - Link

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