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Laptop carrying case transforms into a portable suspended desk

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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Stand and Type

This invention is a single strap laptop carrying case that opens quickly and easily by unlocking "hinges" to drop down and open to create a suspended workstation.

We call this a FlipCase, but it can be called something else if you choose. FlipCase is a great way to input data in real time.

Standing or sitting, you will have full access to your machine, anytime and anywhere, hands free! You know you can't be without your laptop and multi-tasking is a must; now you can do it all with FlipCase.

The case is made with durable nylon material and is lightweight. There is a slip pocket on the outside of the case for organized storage of pens, cards, and cell phones. The gusseted storage pocket on the opposite side will carry paperwork and power cords. On the back of the case is a luggage strap to secure around your carry-on.

Your laptop will sit inside the case secured by four corner straps. There is full access to ports and drives. The shoulder strap has a non-slip, curved pad for extra comfort.

A laptop computer carrying case transforms into a desktop for use of a laptop or similar electronic device having a keyboard and a hingeably openable display. The laptop key board is held by bands in the lower portion of the case and the display is held in the top section of the case. Hinge structures are provided on the left and right sidewalls of the bottom section of the case. When the hinge structures are pivotally angularly separated, the bottom section containing the keyboard will be substantially horizontal enabling use of the laptop in a standing or mobile position. When the laptop is not being used, the case may be closed and the hinge structures closed with the laptop being carried by the strap over the shoulder.; The hinge structure is provided with structure for limiting the amount by which the arms of the hinge may be pivotally angularly separated thereby providing stability to the laptop case in the desk top position. Detent means is provided to hold the arms of the hinge structure in aligned position when the case is being used to carry the laptop.

Financial information

There is also a UK Patent - GB2476025 - for this invention.

Flexible with either selling, licensing, or other type of partnership.

FlipCase and the dolphin are Registered Trademarked.

Website is Link

The ideal markets for this patented invention is utilities (gas, electric), communications, mining, institutions, medical, academics, FEMA, Inspectors, field technicians, etc.
Industries that require data input in real time or to save time.

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