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Appliance Built-In Safety Features

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Appliance Built-In Safety Features, (SAD-SOS Technology) is a built-in, tri-functional fire prevention technological solution for electrical appliances. The functionality will alert, shut down and diagnose the electrical appliance or equipment, upon detecting smoke or smoldering within, or in close proximity to the said appliance. This technology was developed at my Appliance Safety Engineering Lab,
I am in need partners and or a partnership to make this happen. Currently, in any one calendar year, there are over 1 million fires that are caused from appliances malfunctioning.

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Financial information

Consumer Product Safety Concerns

Fires have been a major concern for Consumer Protection groups and there is always a push by these groups to get appliance manufacturers to engineer and build safer electrical appliances. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, using estimates for a two year period, inform us that major appliances caused more than 150,000 residential fires each year, resulting in 3,670 injuries, 150 deaths, and $547 million dollars in property damage. The information on commercial fires are in the billions, namely because of the assets involved and not so much the cost of replacing the buildings.

Benefits of the "Appliance Built-In Safety" Technology

1,The technology includes an alarm module coupled to the smoke detector that provides an alert to persons, warning that the electrical device is smoldering.
2.The novelty and technology has wide applications and the electrical appliance could be any household electrical appliance including electrical kitchen appliances, such as toaster, oven, electrical stove, heater etc. to large household and commercial electrical appliances.
3,Electrical equipment does not require human intervention in shutting off the electrical device whenever smoke is detected or it begins to smolder.
4,There is the reduce probability of fires starting from the malfunctioning of an electrical equipment engineered or retrofitted fitted with the technology.
5,The technology could prevent any major damage to electrical appliance due to overheating and/or fire.
6,The safety technology could save the user from huge financial and property losses caused by fire.
7,The technology could save the user on property insurance cost from fire and water damages.
8,The safety device is economical to manufacture and incorporate into newly designed electrical appliances.

A small sample survey conducted have shown that 90% of consumers will be willing to pay an additional $50.00 for the incorporation of this technology into newer large appliances and that 50% of consumers will be willing to pay an additional $150.00 for the incorporation of this technology into newer large appliances.
This will be a Win-Win for both manufactures of electrical appliances / electrical equipment and the consumer.
Over 50 major electrical appliance manufacturers will stands to benefit from this technological invention, some are listed below:
Appliance365 Ltd ; Acme Kitchenettes Corp; AGA
American Range Corporation; Amica; Arcelik ; Avanti Products;
Bettazzoni-Italia; Beko; Big Chill; B/S/H; Brown Stove Works
Candy Group; Capitol; Cosmo Appliances; Crosslee plc
Crown Domestic Appliances Ltd; Dacor; Danby Products
Dongbu Daewoo Electronics; Duro Corporation
De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances Ltd(→Fagor)
Electrolux; ELCO Vagionis; Elmira Stove Works
Fagor; Fisher & Paykel(→Haier); Fulgor-Milano
GE Appliances; Glen Dimplex; Glem Gas; Gorenje Haier;
Harvest Right; Hoshizaki Electric; Hyxion Metal Industry
ILVE appliances; Independent Service Engineering LTD
Indesit Company; Kenyon Appliances; Lacanche
LEC Refrigeration; LG Corp; Liebherr Group
Mabe; Maurice Lay Distributors Ltd; Mayerbach; Miele
Midea Group; Northland; Panasonic
Peerless-Premier Appliance Company
Perlick Corporation; Premium Appliances
Prizer-Painter Stove Works; Rallison Appliances
Rorgue ; Samsung Electronics; Smeg Appliances; Staber Industries
Sub-Zero; Summit Appliance Division of Felix Storch, Inc
Teka Group; U-Line ;Verona ; Vestel; Viking Range Corporation ;
Whirlpool; Zanussi.

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