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Fishing rod carrier and holder device

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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The ultimate lightweight fishing rod carrier and sandspike.

An extremely affordable and highly profitable fishing rod carrier and holder device holds a plurality of fishing rods during fishing activity and houses the fishing rods when the device is being carried. Simple to use, easy to carry. Keeps your other hand free while moving along the beach,

When fishing, it has become customary to utilize a device holder appointed for holding a fishing rod during fishing activity, thereby enabling the fisherman to free his hands for other activities. Fishing rod holder devices frequently fail to provide the ability to hold more than one fishing rod, but merely provide single rod holding capabilities. Such is the case for conventional sand spike arrangements, wherein a cylindrical tube is appointed to receive a single fishing rod. Disadvantageously, these single fishing rod holding devices do not provide the ability to utilize a plurality of fishing rods simultaneously to increase the capacity for catching a greater number of fish.

Will entertain Outright Sale, Term Sale, and or Exclusive Licensing.

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