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induction heat desalination

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My invention patent is "induction heat desalination" invented for produce clean water form sea water and separate any minerals from sea water in solid form not hi concentrated fluid minerals in sold form conveniece utility and transportation it work by spray sea water on metal hot surface which heat by in induction heat method in three-blades rotary chambers in first-blades room nozzle spray sea water on hot metal surface this process produce water steam and minerals in sea water water steam will condensed in condensing unit minerals on hot metal surface in solid form will rotation to seconds blade-room for drying and rotation to thrids-blades room rotary-blades wipe salt and minerals fall into lower tank then compresed it for separate any minerals in sea water such as salt, gold,magnesium,etc
advantage of"induction heat desalination" are
1.quickly to produce water steam and low consumption energy
2.separate any minerals in sea water in a solid form suitable for separated rare earth minerals and trasportation not a hi concentrated fluid like others methods
3. small in size
4.low cost to produce
5.can use any clean energy
6.can operate all day
7.water from this method is ditilled water cleaner than other methods
8.system are not complex and low cost maintainence
*Remark i can make a prototype this invention by myself

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