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Chimney Drip Tray,

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Full U.K Patent and Registered Design rights - Chimney Drip Tray. The chimney drip Tray, is a shuttering device used for creating an overhanging rainwater drip edge on a chimney stack. When installed the tray directs rainwater away from the chimney stack.The chimney drip tray is made up in single units and can be used on new old properties even on chimney stacks which have gone out of shape. The chimney drip tray can be fitted in one tenth of the time at much lower cost than a wooden shutter. Unlike a wooden shutter The chimney drip tray is not obstructed by shape of the chimney stack because it sits on top of the chimney, stack not against it. rn rn In the past year alone the Chimney Drip Tray has been featured in three National Building Magazines. The chimney drip Tray has already been successfully presented to the BDA, and the NHBC, and is suitable for use on new- and -older properties. The Chimney Drip Tray although a partly bespoke product will fit any size chimney -stack and can be installed by one man in less than 1 hour. The Chimney Drip Tray, does away with the need for expensive time consuming conventional wooden shuttering, and is a marked improvement on any other current U.k building practice used on chimney stacks. This is a completely new and unique product with nothing else remotely like it on the market. In this sale I am also offering my free advice with regards to manufacture, installation, intellectual insurance, as well as a rout to market. The chimney Drip Tray has about 17 years to run on the Patent, and about 22 years to run on the registered designs. The trays are made out of lightweight galvanised steel making the Trays an idea mail order product. Before sudden illness stopped me from progressing any further with this product the Trays were due to go on sale in Builders Merchants throughout North Wales.

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