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Map board game apparatus

[Category : - Board games]
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A game apparatus comprising a game board having a map including a plurality of selected countries each distinguishable from the others by the color thereof. A path is superimposed on the game board map including a plurality of first stopping points and one second stopping point in each country corresponding to the capital city of the country. A plurality of movable game members are used for moving along the path and a selector is used for effecting movement of the game members along the path. The selector includes a base and a pointer rotatably mounted thereon and wherein the base has an inner radial band thereon divided into a plurality of selectable segments each having indicia thereon for instructing the movement of a game member a number of points along the path and an outer radial band concentric with the inner band and divided into a plurality of equal size selectable segments each having indicia thereon associated with a different one of the countries for instructing the moving of a game member to the second stopping point in the country associated therewith.

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