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Modular Egress Window

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A modular egress window well structure which is constructed of structurally identical walls that interlock and attach to the foundation of a building. The identical wall members allow for ease of manufacturing and installation of the egress window well.

With this product, window wells can be custom configured on site based on conditions and desired finished product. The product can be used to fit any size sub-grade window, access panel, or door.

The method of installation comprises removing soil away from the foundation of a building, securing the termination of strips to the foundation, assembling the egress window well and then backfilling the soil around the structure.

Financial information

This product will be able to successfully compete in the current market due to the low cost to manufacture and the versatility of the product application. It will be attractive to the contractor or the DIY homeowner, because of a low cost and ease of install.

There also is a patent infringement case to be made against Bilco, the largest player in the market.

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