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Low cost device to rapidly repair water damaged cell phones

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Executive Summary:
We have a solution to the problem of water damaged Smartphones.rnWhen a Smartphone becomes water damaged, such as times when it is dropped in the bath, toilet, lake, water spills on it etc,. We have the solution to make the phone operational again, whereby the owner can carry out their usual activities on their Smartphone and not have to replace it with a new phone, which can be very costly and time consuming. There are 6.4 Billion users worldwide. There are 327.5 million Smartphones in the U.S.A. 82.5 Million Smartphones suffer water damage, that equals 1 in every 4 Smartphones succumb to water damage. 100,000 Smartphones get wet everyday. 4.3% are water damaged every year.rnThere is $30 billion lost to the consumers every year between Smartphones getting lost or water damaged, 60% of claims are due to water damage. 5 out of 10 accidents that happen to Smartphones occur in the home. 39% of people bring their Smartphones into the bathroom and 19% drop their Smartphones into the toilet. rnWe have the solution to this problem, usually when people get their Smartphone rnwater damaged they submerge it in a bag of rice, this is the solution that is currenty offered on the internet. The internet is the go-to-source to solve problems, 58% of people use the internet to get the answers they need, 45% to family and friends.rn36% consult newspapers and magazines. 16% consult television and radio and 13% go to the local library.rnrnSmartphones are a life line to almost all users. The cost of repairing a water damaged smartphone begins at $80 dollars upwards depending on the damage and there is no guarantee that the smartphone can be repaired. There is no warrantly availabe for water damage repairs because of the unpredictable nature of the fixes.rnCompetitonrnGiven the amout of Smartphone users across the globe, the target audience will be all phone users, however just because they have a smartphone does not necessarily mean everyone will purchast it. We envisage our products on the shelves with other smartphone accessories, some will buy our product because they have experienced water damage in the past, others will purchase for preventitative reasons and others will purchase because they have just water damaged their smartphone and need our solution to the problem, its likely the third reason will be the most obvious reason to purchase our product. There are a numbe of waterproof products on the market which consumers can purchase if they are going on a trip to the snow, the beach or the lake. Some of these waterproof products are actual cases that the consumer can use with their phone on a regular basis. ??% of consumers are said to favour these type of safety devices as they are work with or around water on an ongoing basis.rnOther waterproof cases come with a lanyard where you can wear the phone around your neck if you are out on the water or in the snow. rnOur purpose of our product is to solve the problem of water damaged phones and we envisage that ??% of consumers will purchase our product.
Our competition in this market is as follows:
Waterproof cases to protect phones from getting water damage ( preventative method)rnDrybox - this is a box that is available at selected locations throughout the U.S.Arnlocated in some shopping malls and comes at a price of between $4,600 and $7,000.rnDrybox promises to dry up every last water molecule threatening the inside of your phone. It claims to have your phone functioning within 1- 2 hours ( after drying out) inside the Drybox. There are currently 19 locations throughout the states and the Dryboxes are serviced by a person, so when you have a water damaged phone, you check to see if there is a Drybox near you and drive there and a Drybox attendant will put your phone into the Drybox to dry.rnLocations are sporadic and operate around opening times of the malls in which they are situated. Cost of drying the phone if you happen to be ‘lucky’ to live near one of the statewide 19 locations and within their opening times, is approximaely $80.00. They are quoted as saying that they give an 80% success rate depending on the damage to the phone, if the owner has tried to switch on the phone, the inside of the phone may be irrepariably damaged etc. rnThe Drybox company intend to make their dryboxes selfservice similar to the RedBox model in an effort to bring down cost to consumer.rnWhilst this method(Drybox) is proving to be somewhat effective. Our product will be on the shelves of phone stores, large retail stores such as Walmart, in gas stations, we envisage our product to be easily assessible, affordable and effective
We take the damage out of the water”
This problem is global and is happening daily, with solutions to the problem sparse and unpredictable, didfficult to reach, costly and not always effective rneg - water proof cases ( not everyone will purchase such an accessory unless they are regularly on the water or working with water) they are cumbersome and costly.rnRice: The use of rice to dry out smartphones is the most common solution suggested on the internet and amongst family and friends, which as we have already said these are the places that most of the population go to for solutions to the problem at hand.rnRice is unpredictable, takes too long to produce any sort of result, approximately three days is the suggested recovery time, as we have researched, a persons smartphone in this modern world is their lifeline, their business, their bread and butter, time is money and people are not in a position to wait “three days’ in the hope of a posititve solution, in many cases three hours is a lifetime. Rice is small in particules and has been known to clog up the ports of smartphones as the rice is smaller and slips through these ports, adding to an already stressful situation.
The Drybox is costly, not readily available, driving great distances is generally rnunfeasible for most people. The time driving to a location if there is one within your state, the time constraints of peoples lives, the cost of driving to a location and also working around the opening times of the certain location that these Dryboxes are located, makes for an inaccessible, costly and ineffective result to this problem.rnSome phone repair stores offer the service of mailing in or bringing in your phone and they will see what they can do to repair it, depending on the damage, the cost of looking at your phone generally begins at $80 dollars and this price will increase as they examine the damage. This method is ineffective. rn PhoneVac will be within driving distance across the states, if someone has a problem with water damage to their phone, they will be able to drive to their local store or gas station and purchase our product to enable them to get their phone dry quickly, efficiently, effectively with a positive result, thus saving money on replacements, the inconvenience of loosing data, the stress of having to be without your phone and the financial burden of having to purchase another phone.

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