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Hygienic toilet seat

[Category : - Bathroom]
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The innovations have burst into your house. Hygienic toilet seat is equipped with antiseptic handles, which are covered with antiseptic silicon rubber.

On average a person uses toilet from 5 to 7 times per day, overall a person gets exposed to bacteria over 2000 times per year.
But we’ve created an innovative product and we are coming to rescue everybody, in every house.
We are introducing a hygienic toilet seat.
It’s simplicity is astonishing and it’s highly functional. It’s antiseptic qualities makes it a leading product in this field.
Now you don't need to worry about touching the toilet bowl, now your hands will stay clean as well as a toilet seat, because we got rid of everything that has stood in a way of opening it.
Hygienic toilet seat does not have equivalent in the world!
Silicon antibacterial rubber contains nano silver fractions. They prevent appearance and growth of bacteria, it’s ideal for skin and does not cause allergic reactions.
The area of surface which comes in contact with skin is perfectly shaped and functional.
After obtaining all the information and getting rid of all shortcomings, we guarantee that exposure to microbes will decrease.
Ideally suited for contact with skin, does not cause allergic reactions.
Easy to clean. Wear resistant. Will not change it's quality for years.

Hygienic toilet seat consists of bearing part and lid, which are equipped with cast handles covered with silicon antiseptic rubber and are situated apart from each other.

Silicon antibacterial rubber contains nano silver fractions. They prevent appearance and growth of bacteria, it’s ideal for skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

The sales growth are incredible. We made sure that people know about us and now that the do, they will not forget us.
We placed our company logo into the heart of our product onto the antiseptic silicon rubber surface. Now every interaction will be a reminder of the production company.

In terms of design there are many possibilities as there are numerous choices of colors of handles and texture of surface, which makes it possible to satisfy needs of each client.

A company logo will be placed on the rubber surface of handles, which is important as there is a big competition and people are sensitive to brands that they are using.
Hygienic toilet seat is a must have for places like hospitals, schools, airports, train stations, shopping centers…

Each housewife will be able to appreciate the level of hygiene which will be brought to the house with it.

Each person will be pleasantly surprised with our product.
We own patent No:170520, which we received in Russian Federation.

To receive a patent in other countries of the world, we’ve been given a contract number for patent cooperation: PCT/RU2017/000447.

We organize the production of hygienic toilet seats, but we are open to look at any commercial proposal.
Commercial proposal can include Royalty Payment and Lump Sum.

We are first. There is no equivalent.
Artur Luik...........+7 (911) 925-04-97
Mikhail Potapeyko...........+7 (981) 803-53-05

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Saint-Petersburg. Russia. 2017

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