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Glow Home Decor

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Window fashions that appear normal during the day,...then, at night they transform into glowing wonders of beauty! creating a warm glow that is aesthetically appealing.

Manufacturing's in place for the only window fashions that 'change appearance due to there light surroundings'.

Enhance Your Decor! Make yourself a personal peaceful room to relax in with our soft glow - light-up the game room, put a night light in the bathroom and basement, make a designated safety escape window with our bright glow, non-toxic, and non-radioactive / Free of any Hazardous Materials.

We also create GLOW-IN-THE-DARK images on Blinds, Shades and Shutters. - By combining high-end graphic design with exquisite photography and or original paintings from various artists etc.

Energy Efficiency Technology

“The glow last for decades, and can last as long as needed, new technologies allow bright glows of over 12-30 hours and charge/ recharge indefinitely, automatically from exposure to either a natural or UN-natural light source.” No Power Source Needed!

It's a no Brainer To Make All Window Fashions Glow in the Dark!

Blind, Shades, Components or Decorative Tape, i.e., to extrude Glow in the Dark PVC Blinds, just use a Glow in the Dark Master Batch, or, apply finish by utilizing a Glow in the Dark application same as any colorant per it's production process

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