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Number Manipulator (A manual/practical math calculator)

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The Number Manipulator is a mathematical apparatus comprising of a flat board with four straight and parallel rectangular grooves with a common and continuous vertically oriented scale, with scale marks running across the board, on the top surfaces between the grooves, and on their extreme either ends as one part. And the other part being, a set of 200 tokens in total which are rectangular blocks of uniform width and thickness, but with varying lengths in multiples of 10mm.
To operate this apparatus, the respective tokens are piled into one, two, three or all the four grooves starting from the zero mark and continuing upwards in the direction of the vertically oriented scale. Then the answers can be obtained by reading the scale value coinciding with the token levels, or counting the number of tokens coinciding with the target scale value or reading off the token label or comparing of columns of tokens.
The apparatus normally manipulates solutions to number facts, arithmetic, number patterns and sequences and mixed number operations. In summary the number manipulator reduces numeracy to practical operation at a manipulative level.

The use of manipulative items is a paramount mathematics teaching/ learning methodology which effectively adds a sensory element to the learning process. It allows learners to include a hands-on approach which enhances an accelerated pace, with greater retention.
Manipulative items take many forms, but with only one or a few applications. Manipulative items such as an addition board, subtraction board, multiplication board and division board are each used for a particular operation of arithmetic, hence requiring many boards for a group of related concepts.

Additionally, some other prior art manipulative boards deploy abstract sets of procedures used while solving problems, not easily comparable with real class work.
Based on the prior known mathematics manipulative items, there is a need for an improved manipulative which is easier, direct and clearly relating to real theoretical practices to avoid confusion while carrying out written exercises, tests, examinations especially for younger learners.

The present invention relates to a general system of practical math learning, and more particularly, but not by way of limitation, to a manipulative scaled board and a set of numerically sized/labeled tokens that are concurrently used to allow the learner to more easily learn number facts, concepts and operations.

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