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Acceleration of cement crystallization

[Category : - CHEMISTRY- Construction Processes & Equipment- CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT]
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Acceleration of cement crystallization

Recommended for jobs such as:
Buildings for protection against water tides
Repairs of road intersections in concrete
Covering permeates walls
Fundamentals of machines
Elimination of under water leaks
Concrete ceilings
Concrete blocks under water
Bridges repairs
Wall coverings are made of damp brick
Connections to the pipes network
Sealing of concrete blocks

User manual

befor you add the liquid Shahaf (with or without water for dilution), should mix the cement and the sand when they are dry.

Do not mix in a way that increases the moisture on the necessary need.

Do not make clay or concrete up a quantity that will allow use before the beginning of crystallization.

A substance whose crystallization has already begun is not suitable for use.

The crystallization time depends on the quantity and quality of the cement, the temperature of the water, application materials and the environment
It is recommended to perform an early experiment for each special application to determine the exact time of crystallization.(The lower the temperature, the longer the crystallization time will take)
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