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(Disclosed herein is a method for encoding an illustration on a target surface, where the illustration may be visible when light is shone on the surface from a light source with a predetermined position. The method may include: converting the illustration into a grayscale illustration; specifying the position of the light source; generating a three dimensional surface having a grid of smaller surfaces thereon, where each smaller surface may represent a corresponding pixel of the grayscale illustration. Each smaller surface may be oriented with respect to the light source such that reflected light from each smaller surface has a reflection intensity equal to the light intensity of the corresponding pixel of the greyscale illustration; and making the target surface out of a material using the generated three dimensional surface as a template)
In sipmle terms the technology deals with an originally developed software through which every illustration, image, picture or photo is converted into codes readable by CNC machine. The machine carves target surface (wooden slab, stone etc,) to produce 3D shaped surface. The intended carved illustration onto the surface is not visible unless light is shone on the surface from a light source with a just predetermined position.
This invention can be utilized to manufacture GIFTS, WALL DECORATIVE UTILITY, INTERIOR & FACADE DECORATIVES (stone, wood, composite, etc.) or it can be used as a new artistic presentation technique for PHOTOGRAPHY or VISUAL ARTS. Toy Industry: A new generation of 3D Jigsaw Puzzle game can be produced by this software (a prototype is already produced).
The software itself may also be enhanced to be introduced as entertainment or architectural software.
Molds can be made using this software for mass production of related products.

Financial information

We are looking for either outright sale of our invention or partnership. Our invention has not been sold previously. This invention is associated with originally developed software, production technology and know-how which will be given to buyer along with US Patent. Our past few years of costly R&D and experience will ensure buyer a minimized cost of production. It is worth mention that molds can be made using our invention software to enable investor to mass produce related products.
Potential markets for our invention are namely Toys Industry: 3D Jigsaw Puzzles, Gifts Industry, Home Decorative Utility Market, Interior Design as for wall decoratives, Facade Decoration, Urban Decoration, Advertisement Industry as a creative method for publicity, Art and Photography industry can use such method as a new artistic technique for presentation of their visual art or photos, Software production enterprises may enhance this invention to produce entertainment or architechture softwares. Toy industry can benefit from this invention in manufacturing educational and entertainment games and toys.