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Portable Hip Balancing Massaging mat with massage vest

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Travelling articles- HEALTH]
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Problem: Prolonged sitting on office chairs or long road trips (driver) tends to perpetuate and exasperate the pain associated with imbalanced hips (low back), sore neck and shoulders due to poor posture, and poor circulation.

The Solution: The patent -pending PHBMM, is a lightweight, portable mat with the ability to be transferred from the car to the office. This thin mat comes in various sizes, supporting petite frames to XXl body structures. The mat has two air filled sides to fit directly under the glutes, which are adjusted through phone app or by remote (car charger) and massaging bubbles to fit under the hamstrings (legs) to promote circulation. The attachable hoodie vest snaps at the base and has two massaging grips (pettrissage and effleurage strokes) to track up and down the upper back to the base of the head.
Currently, this is a built in feature for one of Chevy's higher end SUVs. My idea was submitted at one of its focus groups events.

Comparing to devices out there -
-Lumber support - juts the lumbar out with the intention to help pressure, however the problem is coming from the base (core), and so the problem continues

- Foam cushions - serves as a softer seat, but does not correct the problem of aligning the hips, to get the piriformis muscle off the sciatic nerve.

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