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Out of Sight Sponge Caddie

[Category : - Appliances and houseware- Cleaning devices]
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My name is Judy Henninger, and I am the inventor of the Out of Sight Sponge Caddie. I am particularly interested in new products that strive to make consumer’s day to day life more effective, organized and easier. I transformed the idea of a sponge holder into a product that gives the consumer a more effective sponge holder and organizer that can store sponges completely out of sight. The Out of Sight Sponge Caddie works in ways that were not previously imagined.
The Out of Sight Sponge Caddie is unique in its modular design and function, providing the consumer with an all in one cleaning sponge system to hold, organize and store all your sponges. The Out of Sight Sponge Caddie has a covered container for storing multiple new sponges, detachably coupled to a second container for holding and drying a single wet sponge, and a bracket for mounting. The sponge caddie saves space inside your cupboards, pantry, and kitchen or bathroom drawers. The Out of Sight Sponge Caddie can be used anywhere: home, office, school cafeteria, restaurant, fast food chain, recreational vehicle or boat. Consumers can purchase multiple Out of Sight Sponges Caddies for all these areas. The Out of Sight Sponge Caddy can be manufactured in fun translucent colors from dishwasher safe material, and sold prefilled with sponges.
This dual purpose sponge caddie can be stored inside any cupboard or pantry door completely out of sight. Just attach the mounting bracket to any surface at a level that is most convenient to you and slide the Out of Sight Sponge Caddie into the bracket, securing it in place. The lid covered and water resistant new sponge storage container gives the consumer the benefit of having all their new sponges organized in one place making replacing sponges easy. Simply open the lid and replace old sponges with new.
The Out of Sight Sponge Caddie’s wet sponge container is designed for maximum airflow in and around the wet sponge to achieve superior drying time. The wet sponge container incorporates vents on three sides, and slats evenly spaced near the bottom to hold a fully wet sponge in an upright position above a reservoir to capture any liquid that may run off. The single wet sponge container can be decoupled and used as a standalone sponge holder, making it portable for use on a countertop or sink. When you’re done using the cleaning sponge simply reattach the wet sponge container to the new sponge storage container and close the cupboard or pantry door. The Out of Sight Sponge Caddy eliminates the need to keep a used sponge on or in your sink, and prevents it from falling into standing water, dirty dishes or being knocked to the floor. It eliminates the eyesore created by leaving a used sponge on top or inside your sink, in an otherwise clean and organized environment.

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