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[Category : - Fitness]
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My invention that will bring excellent results in such sports as bobsled, luge, speed skating, track and field sprint, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding.

The device for changing loading at any phase of movement can be substantially used for producing sports exercise machines. The aim of the invention is to increase loading either during the positive or the negative phase of movement. In order to achieve the result, the horizontally positioned rotational axis of a roller is attached to a vertically movable weight, and the roller surface is supported by the arm, one end of which is connected to an articulated joint, the rotational axis of which is parallel to the roller rotational axis. When the arm is in a horizontal position, the weight thereof produces the greatest possible pressure on the roller. During the amplitude of movement of the main weight when it is above said position, the loading gradually decreases in the positive phase and gradually increases in the negative phase. During the amplitude of movement below said position, the loading increases in the positive phase and decreases in the negative phase. The initial position of the arm can be modified by modifying the level of the articulated joint in respect to the roller axis of rotation.

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