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Spring-granular shock absorber

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Spring-granular shock absorber.
Patent number UA112512C2.
The present invention relates to engineering industry, classified according to the IPC as F16F7/116, F16F7/10, F16F13/02 and applied in devices for protecting objects from vibration, oscillations and impacts. Currently widespread in vehicles telescopic shock absorbers that have springs with hydraulic or pneumatic dampern mechanism inside. The disadvantage of this mechanism is gradual weakening of damping force. Currently known nearest prototype - spring and vibration damper according to patent number US US2520937A. It has a spring with solid balls inside, which serves as a damper and extinguish the oscillations of the spring. Their size is such that they move freely inside the coil springs, but can't penetrate between the turns, which does not provide sufficient damping at large amplitudes of the spring oscillation, caused by impacts. The purpose of this invention is to get simple and stable running shock absorber, which is achieved by the following technical solution. Spring granular shock absorber has container 2 (see figure), on the bottom 5 of which is mounted one of the ends of spring 4 . Container 2, with spring 4 inside, is filled by solid spherical granules 3, that are placed freely inside, outside and between the turns of spring 4, and space between granules 3 is filled by viscous substance. Other end of spring 4 is fixed to the end face of pipe 1, which is free, with minimum clearance, to move through the neck of container 2. Pipe 1 has outer rim at its place of attachment with spring 4, which enables two way damping and does not allow pipe 1 to completely exit container 2. The other end of pipe 1 is plugged and ends with one of the mounting unit of the shock absorber. The other mounting unit is located on the outside of bottom part 5 of container 2. When there is compression, pipe 1, moving through the neck of container 2, compresses spring 4 and granules 3. Part of granules 3, displaced by pipe 1, enters pipe 1 at its place of attachment with spring 4. Each turn of spring 4 passes impulse to the next turn and granules 3. Chaotic and numerous impacts and friction between granules 3 and the turns of spring 4 lead to rapid damping of spring 4 oscillations. The viscous substance is binder between granules 3 and provides sufficient movement of pipe 1, reduces wear and softens damping. There are approximate sizes of granules 3 applied for the spring-granular shock absorbers: 1-2 mm for bicycles and motorcycles, 1,5-2,5 mm for cars, 2-3mm and more for cargo vehicles.

Applicant: Petro Nepyivoda, Patent number UA112512C2, priority date: 11.04.2016.

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