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Thin Flexible RFID/NFC device on Metal

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Telecommunications- Indentification and payment methods]
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"The radio-frequency identification device includes embedded in an envelope a substrate on one face of which an antenna is produced and a chip connected to the antenna is positioned, a potting locally covering the substrate face level with the chip, an intermediate layer made of a magnetic superconductor material placed against the substrate on the antenna side, the intermediate layer having dimensions greater than those of the antenna so as to be able to cover the antenna and having a cavity arranged so that the potting and the chip can be approximately completely housed therein."

Financial information

The patent family includes patents that have been granted in US, CA, FR and Europe (GB & Germany pending).

That is the only solution to achieve thin thickness to Applications where RF/NFC/RFID Antenna & Electronics :
– are applied on face of Metallic Item or any other Device (PC, Tablet, Mobile, PDA…),
– are applied within Metallic Item or any other Device (PC, Tablet, Mobile, PDA, CD, DVD…),
– are applied directly on any Device Battery...

Advantages :
– Enhance IP portfolio, IP trade, defensive and assertive power against direct competitors,
– Allow Thin Packaging (down to far less than few hundred µ thickness),
– Allow Flexible packaging (can be applied on curved surfaces),
– Allow Electronics Parts embedding (expends Volume and Surface Areas available)
– Still being Metal compatible (Prevents from reflected Eddy Currents).

Sales Generated to Date :
50 K Units French navy, + ~30 K Units by former Licensee.
~ .xx K Euros by former Licensee (Entry Fee + annual fee).
(more infos under NDA)

Primary Commercial Application:
NFC/RFID identification, tracking, payment apps field…

Potential Licensees:
- all RFID/NFC stickers manufacturers,
- NFC device integrated into mobile phone, tablet or PC device.
- NFC Apps complementary to payment: DRM on DVD/CD, Anti counterfeiting apps…

Price Expectations :
Low six digits (Euros) for all listed Patents and Pending Applications (Title, Full Property and All Rights Assignment and Transfer) + Free License back for ID3S.

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