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Noiseless PWM Converter

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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The PWM power converters will get smaller and smaller, The PWM power converters will be integrated into the ASIC, CPU, or GPU in future. The challenge is how to cope with the transistor noise every time the transistor pulses. The transistor of the PWM power converter switches between 100k to 10M times per second. Its noise disrupts the operation of the ASIC, CPU, or GPU because of EMI. This patent addresses the noise. The noise cancellation technique described in the patents will be integrated in all power converters in future. This is a game changer in electronics..

Financial information

The patent is brand new.
The patent has continuations, which are still pending, so can adapt to the market needs.
This patent has never been sold or licensed before.
The TAM is all the power management IC. As big as $10B.
Realistically the high end market for this patent is $1B.

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