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Youth Baseball Batting Practice Apparatus

[Category : - Baseball]
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[0002] The present invention relates to devices and methods for providing batting practice, and more particularly, to devices for simulating three-dimensional simulation for baseball or softball batting practice and training.
[0003] Baseball and softball are widely popular sports, and center on a players skill in being able to hit a ball. Because of this importance many training devices for assisting a player to
improve their batting abilities have been provided. In order for a batter to experience batting practice with a real ball, they cannot do so unless they are able to arrange for ball-pitcher/ server
(in the event of tennis) or a ball pitching machine, one or more fielders to field and/or catch the ball, access to multiple balls, and ball containment nets or fences. As a result, batting training
devices take into account these considerations and typically accommodate a batting training device which one needs one or two persons in order to operate and train effectively.

[0004] Current batting training devices include devices for increasing the strength, speed or accuracy of a batters swing, or combinations thereof. Speed and strength solutions typically rely
on either weight or resistive methods that when used provide a workout for the muscles that a batter uses when swinging a bat. Training devices directed toward speed alone attempt to
provide hand-eye coordination training and fast-muscle twitching. Usually these involve spinning devices or machines which pitch balls at varying speeds. Finally, accuracy trainers usually focus on the ability of a batter to strike a ball at a certain position, and often involve much slower moving or manually operated devices. A majority of the available manually operated devices, to date, are designed and used for stationary and relatively non-moving
simulated ball-hitting practice utilizing the exclusive use of a semi-flexible extension rod.

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