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Portable Smokeless Fragrant Liquid Indoor/Outdoor ashtray

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Camping and Outdoors - Lawn and Garden]
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A portable ashtray apparatus includes a main body having an open top, and a cavernous interior space for housing a removable container. The apparatus also includes a funnel cap secured to both the main body and the removable container in order to receive spent cigarettes and other like items and direct the same into the container for disposal. The apparatus also includes a solution for extinguishing embers and emanating aromatically friendly scents.

Financial information

I have about 4600 Starter Kits on hand with added accessories such as LED stickers and Coasters, all the packaging and fragrance refills. Estimated worth at retail +$150K excluding the value of the Patent.
I would like to get the cost back from the manufacturing of the units, which is $75K but I know this is a reach!!
So instead I would like a royalty paid on each unit sold at $1 per ashwell unit or Starter Kit, plus a goodwill payment upfront of $15K

This is a great invention and more importantly it is in stock!!
Take over this business and make your fortune with all the billion smokers in the world!

Contact me now.

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