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MOVABOWL, world's first movable and flushable toilet US9,422,705

[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom]
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MOVABOWL is the first toilet bowl that rolls out of the bathroom to where the disabled person is located, the bowl is used outside the bathroom, and finally the bowl is returned to the docking station in the bathroom to flush away the waste. This innovation will help the aging and disabled with mobility issues, accessibility issues, and pain to use the toilet. This innovation in most cases will eliminate the use of bedpans, commode chairs, and diapers. It will reduce the risk of falls. It will prevent people from avoiding eating and drinking just to avoid the toilet. It will help preserve dignity. It will make care taking easier. Please see the website for presentation: Link

Financial information

Target Market: Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, and Home Care

75 Million Baby Boomers will be turning age 65 over the next 20 years. There will be a great need MOVABOWL that will make toileting and caretaking easier for people with mobility issues and disability.

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