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Anti seismic structure

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I invites you to assess whether you are interested in an invention which concerns a universal anti seismic structure with mechanical and hydraulic shock absorbers.
Italian Patent nr. 0001425197 releas 18/10/2016. E04H class. Depozit date 04/06/2014.
The present invention is a simple and effective solution to save lives in the event of unforeseen seismic activities that may cause the fall of heavy objects. The present structure is adaptable to any type of bed, the perfect shelter to people surprised by an earthquake during the night, when presses by sleep can not react, and a great seismic shelter in many other situations, to accommodate people surprised by an earthquake during the day, while going about their daily activities, such as an earthquake-proof shelter in the workplace, posted at various points of the gathering of the people in case of seismic emergency, when the distances do not give the necessary time for people to get close to the emergency exit, or can be used as a cover sets of desks and school desks, where the buildings have a high seismic risk and their restoration is impossible or have a unsustainable cost. The structure proposed in the present invention, it can be used to protect things of value, as objects of art which are often destroyed during natural disasters. It can be of different shapes and sizes and can include a fixed location for various objects such as a bed, a desk, a school desk, a table, a chair or anything else you want to protect. 
The invention proposes a universal structure with anti-seismic techniques composed of three main parts: the lower part which is a plate that absorbs and distributes the impact energy, a second part comprising a plurality of support pillars which act as hydraulic and mechanical shock absorbers in the same time, designed to contras in a directly proportional way the pushing forces from the top, bringing the structure to a floating effect, and the dome roof that allows the pushing arcs to transform part of the loads in horizontal forces directed to the pillars.
I thought of this invention while standing in bed during a small earthquake, I was thinking more about assuring if I had something above my head that could protect me from falling pieces of the ceiling, then I realized that it is not enough having a protection over my head, but a dampener it would be better not a simple dampener but one capable of reversing the forces that fall from the high in order to redirect it in the right way, the larger is the weight that cleaves the structure, the larger is the strength of the structure. one should read the patent to understand how it works
Universal seismic structure according to the present invention offers a lot of benefits: a smaller encumbrance than the structures realized with wood, iron or other heavy materials, and a greater resistance thanks to the combination of the hydraulic shock absorbers and the springs. 

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your contacts. I offer my availability for various types of agreements. 
For more detailed information on the patent, please contact me to phone number 0039 3291758887 ,
email adress: [Use the button below to contact me]
OGGETTO: PROPOSTA BREVETTO CAMPO SISMICO,STRUTTURA ANTISISMICA CON DECELERATORI IDRAULICI E MECCANICI rnIl sottoscritto OBSITOS CONSTANTIN,residente a TORINO,con la presente vi invita a valutare se di vostro interesse una invenzione che riguarda una struttura antisismica universale con deceleratori idraulici e meccanicirnNumero brevetto 0001425197, classe E04H, data brevetto 18/10/2016 . data deposito 04/06/2017.rnLa presente invenzione trova una soluzione semplice ed efficace per salvare delle vite nel caso d’impreviste attività sismiche o di altra natura che possono provocare la caduta di oggetti pesanti. La presente struttura e adattabile a ogni tipo di letto, il riparo perfetto, per ospitare delle persone sorprese da un terremoto durante la notte, quando presse dal sogno non possono reagire, e un ottimo rifugio antisismico in tante altre situazioni, per ospitare delle persone sorprese da un terremoto durante il giorno mentre svolgono le loro attività quotidiane, tipo un rifugio antisismico sul posto di lavoro, postato in vari punti di raduno delle persone in caso emergenza sismica, quando le distanze non danno il tempo necessario alle persone di avvicinarsi alle uscite di emergenza, o può essere usata come copertura fissa delle scrivanie e dei banchi scolastici, dove gli edifici sono a rischio sismico e il loro ripristino e impossibile o ha dei costi insostenibili. La struttura proposta nella presente invenzione, oltre a proteggere delle persone, può essere usata per proteggere delle cose di valore, come oggetti d’arte che spesso sono distrutti durante i disastri naturali. Può essere di diverse forme e dimensioni e può comprendere una postazione fissa per vari oggetti come un letto, una scrivania, un banco scolastico, un tavolo, una poltrona o una qualsiasi altra cosa si vuole proteggere.rnVi ringrazio per la vostra attenzione e rimango in attesa di un vostro contatto. Offro la mia disponibilità per varie tipi di accordi: vendita,cessione,collaborazione.rnPer informazioni più dettagliate sul brevetto:rnOBSITOS VASILE CONSTANTINrnMail: [Use the button below to contact me] Telefono : 3291758887rn

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