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Multi use driveway marking device

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Lawn and Garden- Tools]
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This marking device includes a frame which supports a reflector member therein for being supported on a stake to be penetrated into the ground, for example for marking driveways. The frame is operable between open and closed positions to release the reflector. Several frames can be stacked on a common stake by modular interconnection between adjacent frames in which some frames may support reflectors and other frames are suitable for retaining a cable extending therethrough. In this instance when a plurality of marking devices are penetrated into the ground at spaced positions in a row, a common cable, for example an electrical extension cord or a string of lights can be placed through empty frames in the row to be supported spaced above the ground. Each of these frames are easily snapped open to accommodate placement and removal of cords, lights, danger tape, decorative streamers, etc.

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