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Lotus Magnetically Driven Bioreactor Agitator

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Novel design for magnetically driven agitator for disposable Single Use Bioreactors (SUBs). Agitator creates lift keeping cells evenly suspended at low rpm's while reducing shear force on cells compared to other types of agitators. Simple design, easy to manufacture, no penetrations into bioreactor eliminating need for watertight bearings and seals - reduces chances of contaminations. Can be re-used, sterilized by autoclaving/irradiation. Design is part of overall design for novel type of disposable bioreactor made of plastic film - self supporting. Contains sparging and temperature control elements. Simple easy to manufacture design.

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Biopharmaceuticals is the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Bioreactors are integral to the core operations of the biopharmaceutical industry. Increasingly, biotech companies are turning to Single Use (i.e. disposable) Bioreactors (or SUB's) for production of biopharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. This design has the advantages of low cost, low complexity, and easily manufactured components made of laminated polyethelyne plastic films. Based on improvements to exiting technologies and years of experience. Looking to sell rights to patent application ("Lotus Bioreactor Agitator" US 64/428,154) or possible collaboration. Novel design applicable to Food and Cosmetics industries.

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