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[Category : - Boating]
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The present invention relates to a propulsion device imitating fish, dolphin, whale tail.

Oscillating wings technology backed by a lot of prestigious institutes like the MIT.

30% more efficient than a propeller. Extremely simple mechanism.

Extremely secure compare to a propeller, thanks to the low speed oscillating motion.

Several other advantages like better maneuvering performance, silent, largely eliminates vortices, turbulence, cavitation, wake and drag. Less disturbance for aquatic fauna and flora. Without winding and entangle fishing lines like for a propeller. Lot of torque allowing a better integration of electric motors.

Can be used from small outboard motors to big vessels. Electric or gas. Pedal boats, water bikes, RC toys, etc…

Can also be used for fan ventilation. Natural, efficient and confortable air flow without unpleasant whirlwind.

Go to the Mekafin YouTube channel to see some prototypes.

Patent number US 8,784,148 and it’s continuing patent number US 9,315,249.

Financial information

The market is very huge but I can not afford to finalize the development of devices to market by myself.

So I’m looking for some form of partnership.

I can also sell my patent for the entire US market, or US regions, or license with royalties.

Potential of market:

The USA has over 123,000 lakes and close to half the US population have access to water surfaces.
The annual sales of boats in the US is close to 200,000 boats/year.

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