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Computerized processing of pictorial responses in evaluations

[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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A system and methods for computerized processing of evaluations containing responses in a pictorial from are disclosed. The system is suitable for interpreting and displaying contextualized responses in evaluations, such as knowledge assessments and surveys. The system includes a collection terminal for obtaining evaluation response data and a processing terminal with memory storing an evaluation template containing processing rules. The processing method locates areas of interest containing pictorial responses and carries out analysis of each area, which includes locating the area within the obtained data, identifying type of the response within the area, and determining value of a response within the area by applying a processing method corresponding to the type of the response. Then the response is recorded in a database and is available for display in a context of an evaluation.

Financial information

The software covered by this patent managed to generate $1M in total sales to date

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