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Method for the production of plastic products, comprising a loading step in which plastic material in granular form is inserted in a containing element (10), a heating step, in which the plastic material in granular form is heated by heating means (23), associated with said containing element (10), until the melting temperature is reached. The method also comprises an extrusion step in which the plastic material is conveyed toward extrusion means (30) and extruded to form at least one layer of a film (40) of plastic material and a printing step in which, by means of printing means (70), at least one layer of printing material is deposited on the film (40) of plastic material to define information associated with the film (40) of plastic material. During the printing step the printing means (70) deposit electrically conductive material on the film of plastic material (40), according to a predetermined and desired conformation able to define a predetermined electric circuit (75). The electric circuit comprises at least electronic memorization means (75) configured to memorize at least predetermined information associated with the type of plastic product to be made.

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