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Locking oil lcap/stopper/plug/ for motorcycle

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- OTHER- Automotive Accessories ]
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A locking stopper componentpatent, and a patent 'locking plug systempatent' has lower, upper and central extents. The lower extent includes a stick. A frusto-conical cam shoulder is formed in a central extent of the stick. The upper extent includes a lock rotatable between locked and unlocked positions and an upper shaft. The central extent operatively coupling the upper and lower extents includes a reciprocating assembly and a rotatable assembly whereby rotating the lock rotates the rotatable assembly and raises the reciprocating assembly to secure the component in a tubular member.This patent has$$$$$ enormous commercial potential, any thing with a tube on tank desighn semi truck fueltanks, chemical and fuel storage harley makes 250 thousand bikes a year that will fit this application,and Norton, triumph the most common desighn on fluid storage is the tube on tank desighn with all the problems in the world today, fuel and oil could get very scarce, and even more expensiveyou can find"locking oil "caps' on the web today but the websters dictionary states that a cap seals at the top a stopper seals from within a stoppe so there not really locking caps according to the dictionary there locking stoppers/plugs you can control all sales of locking 'stoppers'',plugs ''and "caps" that are actually locking stoppers ''plugs with thiese patents,the claims that were honord are the lock shaft and componant itself I had a stroke,im selling to get stem cell treatments, they say I can walk again with the treatments, i have better desighns availible than are on the market today,its a very strong patent

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i might take a down payment and payments, after you obtain the patentput up a website inform theinfringers,if any that you own the patent, and start sellling your products,locking fuel plugs for semi trucks plugs for motorcycles plugs for chemical storage ect, a lot of trucks have hydrulic storage that people like to steal to make there own diesle with, trash trucks,all kinds of equipment , cranes,man lifts, ectthere are so many differt applications for this product, too many to list the avarge rental trucks have a fuel tank the tube on tank desighn, that this product would work great onwithout modifing the tankjust unscew the cap and install the locking plug, you can make millions on this im paralyzed and need medical attention or i would be doing it i have better desighns availible than any on the web.

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