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Locking plug system

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories ]
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A stopper component has upper and lower ends. The stopper component is removably positioned in a cylindrical opening. A shaft/dipstick is positioned within the stopper component. The shaft/dipstick has an upper end adjacent to the upper end of the stopper component. The shaft/dipstick has a lower end. The lower end extends beneath the lower end of the stopper component. A lock has an interior end coupled to the upper end of the shaft/dipstick. In this manner positioning the lock in a first orientation will lock the stopper component in a cylindrical opening. Also in this manner positioning the lock in a second orientation will unlock the stopper component to facilitate removal of the stopper component from a cylindrical opening.$$$ the tube on tank desighn is the most commondesighn ever used and still used in tank manufacturing today on almost all tanksthe welder company welds the tank, then welds a tubecomonly with threads on the end for a cap but screw on caps are a thing of the past this locking plug system syste slips in the tube and over the threadsand attachesat the bottom of the short tube it cant be pryed off or twisted offit just spins in the hole therby protecting the valuble contence, the tube on tank desighn is used in fuel storagethere are at least 2 tanks on every semi truckand at 4 bucks a gallon100 gallons each and with a war comming fuel could get mighty scarce and even more expensive, those trucking companys have plenty of money to spend to protect their fuel i haveplenty of great desighns that go with the claimson the patent, i have health problems i need to sell he patent or i would be dealing the product linehere is a large lineof product for this patent/ heating oil plugs fuel plugsmotorcycle oil tank plugs/chemical/pharmacutical storageall very easy to manufactureand make big bucks$ the current product availible do not work well at all, this locking plug system works great every body will want to use this product its easy to use andmakes good sense

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id like to sell the patent outrite, i had a stroke they say i can walk again with stem cell treatments, i cant use my left leg or arm now, at just 54 years oldi need to regain my use of my limbs, this product has unlimited potential with the war commingfuel, hydraulic fluids will only get more expensive and important to keep safe, any one that can afford to fill a 100 gallon tank with$4bucks a gallon fuel can afford a $200 dollar locking fuel plug it cant be pryed off or twisted off its easy to use i worked in texas in the oil field most tanks have to be locked by law the current locking systems are notgood enough ,leaving big liability would not belive the crappy locking systems some use some with a ittle padlocks you could cut through with finger nail clippers applications include home heating oil/ fuel/ chemical storage/ motorcycle locking plugs for the oil tanks , harley norton triumph, any thing with the tube on tank desighn most have a standard diamiter tube but you could custom build plugs to fit any application at a great profiti have desighns that go with the patent that are very cheap to manufacture and work very well

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