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The Method of Gasification of Waste

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The invention relates to a process for the gasification of waste, particularly household waste, in an apparatus comprising a gasification system for waste treatment and gasifier (7), comprising the following successive steps: (a) start-up, (b) loading of waste into the waste processing, (c) processing waste, starting from step (c1) grinding the waste in a system for processing waste, (d) passing treated waste from the processing of waste to the gasifier (7), (e) producing synthesis gas in the gasifier (7), (f) producing electricity and/or heat from the synthesis gas, wherein step (c) comprises a sequence of the steps (c2) drying the waste, (c3) granulation of the dried waste obtained from step (c2), (c4) compression of the granulate produced in step (c3), and wherein step (d) is passing compressed granules of step (c4) to step (e), the interval between steps (c1) - (c4) and step (e) may be any, and excess unused energy produced in step (f) is stored. The invention also comprises an apparatus for the gasification of waste, particularly household waste, particularly for performing the method according to the invention.

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