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Liquid dispensing device

[Category : - Baby products]
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A liquid dispensing device for the selective oral administration of a liquid medicine simultaneously with a liquid beverage. The device includes a cup for holding a beverage and a lid sealably connectable onto the open upper end of the cup. The cup includes an elongated cylindrical medicine cavity having an open lower end and a narrowing upper discharge tip. The medicine cavity is formed into the outer perimeter surface of the cup for concealment. A medicine plunger is sealingly movable within the medicine cavity for discharging liquid medicine from the discharge tip. The lid has a tapered upwardly extending drinking spout with preferably two spaced ports and a second port positioned between the first ports whereby liquid beverage in the cup may be dispensed from the first ports by gravity feed and liquid medicine in said medicine cavity may be independently selectively dispensed from the second port by movement of the medicine plunger.

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