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Belt wind turbine with the interbelt self-aligning blades

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The developed wind turbine is intended for more efficient transformation of energy of an air stream to the shaft rotation energy, with its subsequent transformation to energy necessary for the consumer. Comparison of our unit with the wind wheel, the most widespread in the industry, shows considerable advantages of our wind turbine described below both at cost and on the shaft speed and whenever possible to increase the unit capacity of installation.
Today in the world, the interest in developing alternative renewable energy sources has been dramatically increased. This is due to the limited reserves on the earth of fossil fuels, environmental pollution at its burning and the danger of nuclear power plant construction. With all this the need for energy in the world grows constantly. One of the development directions of the alternative energy sources is the wind energy. At the same time, the wind wheels with aerodynamic blades are generally used.
The desire to capture a larger portion of the airflow at altitude has led to a trend of increasing diameter of the wind wheel and accordingly to increase of the unit capacity of plants.
The detailed analysis of large wind wheels shows the presence of significant drawbacks. The transfer of energy to the axis of rotation occurs through the body of the wind blade using the occurrence of bending moments in its perpendicular cross-sections. The greater the length of the blade, the greater the bending moment in the cross sections that requires the strength of a proportional increase in size of the cross section. Therefore, if the power of the propeller increases proportionally to the square of its radius, then its materials consumption increases cubed. At the same time, the specific materials consumption per unit of generated energy is increased. In addition, with the increase in radius of the propeller at a predetermined peripheral speed (under the terms of blade flow by the transverse air flow), the number of revolutions of the axis of the wind turbine is decreased.
This leads to increase in the specific material consumption of the generator (or the gear case).
For the above reasons, the large propeller may have the increased cost of generating a unit of electricity, which impairs their competitiveness compared with other power plants.
All this has resulted in the ideas of creating so-called belt wind turbines. Their essence lay in the fact that between the belts of two parallel belt drives, the blade is fixed with such profile that when the transverse blowing with the wind force acting on the blade during straight branch transfer and reverse branches, always acted on the direction of the belt.
Such ideas have been put forward by, for example, G. Bode (Germany Patent No. 381102), J. Lee (USA Patent No. 4303834). Belt wind turbines have smaller blades that transfer energy to the working pulley wheel via belts, in sections where there is only tensile strength that allows reducing sharply the overall specific materials consumption. In addition, small pulley wheel diameters increase significantly the number of revolutions of the generator and reduce its cost. Unfortunately, many serious shortcomings of the proposed systems have not led to this idea conveyance.
We have found many solutions that allowed to reduce the price of its cost considerably, to seize operational characteristics, to increase efficiency of the energy use of a wind stream in the belt wind turbine offered by us.

1. We used not the narrow-channel one-belt pulley wheels, but long on axis, solid pulley wheels of drum type, both lower and upper. Not two, but many belts of the same size and evenly spaced from each other are stretched on the pulley wheels. The blades are mounted on the outer surface passing near the seat belt and not interfering with the pairing of the belt with the pulley wheel surface. Thus, we significantly increased the width of the span of wind turbines. The height of wind turbine is determined by the height of the suspension at the two supports of the upper free pulley wheel and is calculated according to the strength condition of belts. Considering big progress in creating very strong fibers, threads from which can strengthen a basis of belts, the wind turbine height by calculation turns out rather big. Thus we collect energy with big on width and on height of section of the air stream by a large number, small in size, blades and we concentrate its on lower, smaller on diameter, pulley wheel which rotates the generator.

2. The blades are mounted on the outer surface of the belt so that they can be rotated under the pressure of the wind relative to the direction of the belt in both directions on small settlement angles. At the same time, the component of the wind force always acts in the direction of the front part of the blade, no matter it is on the straight or reverse branches. When choosing special aerodynamic profiles of the blades and the correct calculation of the angles of deflection coefficient of the energy of the wind flow is high, the belt speed is also high. The cross force of the air flow creates the tension of the belts and increases the adhesion of the belt with the pulley wheel surface. The tension on the reverse branch should be more than to the straight one at the proper calculation, so that the branches with small diameters of the pulley wheels do not touch each other.

3. The top pulley wheel is installed on supports with the help of special block suspensions, which can adjust belt tension, and also to lower the pulley wheel for preventive repairs or in case of storm wind forecast. Then it is possible to raise it again.

4. The special induction disc generator with rectification of its current to DC is supposed on the axis of the lower pulley wheel. The direct current by means of the thyristor inverter will be transformed further in variable industrial frequency and if necessary is synchronized and connected to the industrial network.
Such scheme allows wind turbine to change the pulley wheel speed at different speeds of a wind flow, for obtaining the maximum efficiency. Tension on the inductor generator output at the same time is regulated by the energizing current.

Financial information

New generation wind turbine is developed by the genius scientist and inventor holding 5 more newly registered and pending patents, which are more significant to the development of renewable energy comparing to this invention of wind turbine.
In our listing there are Hydro Turbines, Generators and motors, which may revolutionary effect respective industries.

Wind Turbine described hear is our first try to find investor, interested in development of renewable energy sector and its implementation to the real world. We are looking for outright sale for very cheap price of 342,200 USD NET. Funds received from this sale shall be used for patenting other more significant invention in more developed countries and development of other patents.

Patent for wind turbine is currently protected in Georgia only due to lack of funds for protecting inventor's rights in other parts of the world. Interested potential buyer shall be provided with full description of patent and inventor's shall assist in patenting this invention in jurisdiction of potential buyer and granting buyer unlimited license agreement.

Sales price can be paid after patenting invention and granting all rights over the invention to the buyer. Inventor is ready to visit potential buyer's place and assist in preparation of prototype models on the expenses of interested parties as well as technical assistance on patenting procedures.

Other forms of cooperation can be discussed as well.

Looking forward to hear from interested parties.

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