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Water kefir drinks with patent of invention

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Project Drink kefir

The grains of water kefir, small transparent mucilaginous masses, are consisting of polysaccharides (dextran) with chains composed only of glucose, are fermented in water with brown sugar, and can also be grown in natural juices and teas.
The water kefir grains can multiply dramatically; despite large fluctuations occur in daily growth rate, which can reach up to 50% of its volume.
The mastery of the inventor Adelino Martins, founding partner of Kfigel, in the controlled manipulation of the behavior of water kefir and using their benefits in producing their products, earned him a national invention patent no. 104420 and an exclusive national brand (kefidrink), all of them registered and updated in the National Institute of Industrial Property in Lisbon.

Benefits of water kefir as a beverage
Fermented and consumed the water kefir:
Regulates the immune system and increases resistance against diseases; improves the functioning of the liver and gallbladder; eliminates toxins from the body; decreases renal calculi; regulating blood pressure, controlling diabetes and other varices and hemorrhoids cure. It also cures bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma, allergies; maintains healthy head without pain and migraines. It regulates the metabolism, digestion and aid in the functioning of the colon. Just as milk kefir, it also reduces anxiety, depression, increasing energy and a sense of well-being; cure nerve pain and combats insomnia; Rehabilitate the power of eye and eliminates eye cataracts; retards the aging process; improves the functioning of the thyroid and is extremely efficient in maintaining the ideal weight.
Given the numerous advantages that water kefir provides for the health, Adelino Martins decided to create an exclusive line of energetic, appetizing and refreshing drinks, with or without alcohol, all of them based on this raw material.
Currently we intend to sell our license production of beverages, including patent and trademark registered.

The "Kfidrink" is a registered national mark.
The drinks "Kfidrink" contain its own gas, natural and beneficial to health, created by kefirs activity in the closed bottle.
The quality of the beverage in the closed bottle prevails after one year or more. The "Kfidrink" is a healthy drink that can be sold anywhere: bars, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, supermarkets or other commercial premises.
The brand "Kfidrink" can be purchased and exported around the world. Mr. Adelino Martins, holder of the know-how of the manufacture of these beverages and most others, is available to manufacture exclusively the drinks in Portugal and supervise the entire manufacturing and export procedures.

Without alcohol:
K-A = kefir / Anise (Anise without alcohol)
K-C = kefir / Cola
K-M = kefir / Passion fruit
K-MG = kefir / Mango
K-MR = kefir / Strawberry
K-T = kefir / Tropical
K-ST = kefir / Stevia

With (3-7%) alcohol:
K-A = kefir / Anise (with alcohol)
K-G = kefir / Gin
K-CCH = kefir / Brazilian rum
K-Vk = kefir / Vodka

We have now available raw material (water kefir) for the production of 10000 liters / day. The production can be increased, depending on the needs of the market.
Should you need further information or documents, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Production Manager:
Adelino - Martins[Use the button below to contact me] - 00351 934112300 (Portugal)

Note: the drink in the video is kefir / Gin / Hibiscus

Financial information

Sale of the patent and the mark. The inventor will work on the project in exchange for royalties. Alternatively we can form a production company in Portugal. In this case the investment will have to be higher.

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