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Combination bat knob and handle grip

[Category : - Baseball]
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A one body member dome bat grip for improving the gripping action of a batter for baseball or softball. The longitudinal raised surface along the bat handle allows the batter alignment of the knuckles for proper wrist roll. The grip fits moveably snug around the bat handle and knob for manually rotating around the bat handle and knob to prolong the lift of thin walled aluminum bats. Also can keep the label lined up when batting with wood bats. The grip is made of thermoplastic rubber or the likes that helps to reduce vibration, sting and blistering to the hands of the batter.

The inventor and owner, Robert Kramer developed the POWER GRIP for him and his softball team years ago. 954.294.7412

Intellectual Property
U.S. Registered TM 1944253 POWER GRIP
U.S. Patents: 6,752,731 and 6,932,727
Service marks: Grip For Ball Bats SM and Dome Grip Advantage SM
Website: Copyright
Domains:, .net and .net

Financial information

Updated 08.12.2019

Asking $250K in payments with terms for all Intellectual Property Matters, $25K down, $25K eight months, $50K six months, $50K six months, $50K six months, $50K six months.

Bat Grips, Inc. is seeking to sell all Intellectual Property Matters of the POWER GRIP that is the only one body member dome baseball and softball bat grip and for proper knuckle alignment that increases bat speed and control. Please go to website for all information.

Projected investment needed for the tooling, a two cavity Injection mold $15K for manufacturing the units, the metal stamping tooling for manufacturing the grip application device plats $4,000, updated website $1K, advertising, promoting & marketing $5K Total $25,000. Also projecting $100,000 for working capital.

Injection molding companies may negotiate a deal for them having the exclusive manufacturing rights, no up front cost for tooling to produce the units and drop ship the orders by adding tooling cost to each unit shipped.

Unit wholesale price of $4.50 to $5.50 on drop ship orders. The recommended installed price onto a bat is $20.00.

The POWER GRIP is within the guidelines for legal play, go to the website for infomation.
The POWER GRIP is the only patented one body member dome bat bat grip for proper knuckle alignment as no other is on the market.
Baseball & Softball bat manufactures
Replacement Baseball & Softball bat grip
Sporting Goods Retailers
Baseball & Softball Players, re-griping teammates bats
High School & Collage Coaches
Baseball & Softball Camps, Schools & Batting Cage Outlets.

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