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[Category : - Travelling articles- DESIGN PATENTS]
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Roller cylindrical suitcase characterized in that it comprises a hollow cylindrical body inside it and accessible inside it through a trapdoor or access door, comprising a pivot axis to which a pull handle is associated, housed inside the outer cylindrical body a second inner cylinder comprising at least one removable tongue (7) for disposition of clothing and having at least one compartment, where the second inner cylinder is a separate cylinder in its turn with respect to the outer cylinder
The clothes are deposited stretched in the bags and rolled up in the inner roller in such a way that the clothes do not wrinkle and also take advantage of the space. The central drawer is used to store cosmetics, shoes, accessories. The suitcase rolls on itself except the central drawer so that the objects inside do not get damaged.

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I would like to sell my patent to a Suitcase Company or insted sale license with royalties. The Price depends on what the buyer can offer me.
I can provide the completed Project and designs I have made.

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