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Hydraulic Drive with Closed Working Fluid Circulation System

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The invention relates to engineering hydraulics, in particular to hydraulic drive systems and can be used to obtain an effective energy-saving operation of the closed hydraulic system.
Currently, closed (or sealed) are called the hydraulic systems: 1) with an additional fuelling system, to which the fuel pump has an expansion tank, communicating with the atmosphere, and 2) without the expansion tank, but with a double-rotating hydraulic pump operating by means of the reverse system, with each start of which is spent a lot of energy.

The main drawback of the existing hydraulic systems is the need for an expansion tank, which increases the weight, volume and value of the hydraulic system.

Other disadvantages include the oxidation of the working fluid (oil). Oil oxidation is accompanied by the formation of tarry deposits that cause sticking (obliteration) of flow areas of the unit. In addition, even with slight air ingress into the oil, it starts to foam, creating conditions favorable for the formation of air emulsions with very low density. This disturbs the uniformity of movement of the work members. Dissolved in the oil the air disturbs the uniformity of the hydraulic drive stroke, influences the viscosity of oil and reduces the rate of action of the hydraulic equipment. Upon compression of the air bubbles, in accordance with the laws of thermodynamics, they are heated and transfer heat to the working fluid. The working fluid transfers heat to the atmosphere, which as a result significantly lowers the efficiency of hydraulic drive. If the gas in the working fluid is practically absent, the liquid will heat up less.
Aim of the invention  creation of a compact, highly efficient, energy-saving, simple and reliable hydraulic drive unit, providing ample technological and operational capabilities by manufacture of hydraulic drive closed.

Scope  the invention can be widely used in mechanical engineering, machine-tool building, shipbuilding and aircraft building.

Technical result  increasing the pressure characteristics of the hydraulic drive, which leads to an increase in the speed of operation of the machine.

Economic effect  is achieved by creating an initial overpressure at the fluid inlet into the pump.

Execution of the system hermetically sealed allows the hydraulic drive work independently of spatial position, regardless of atmospheric pressure and the effects of the gravity force and prevents the formation of condensate in the process of operation of the hydraulic drive. Moreover, execution of the system closed gives the possibility to deaerate the working fluid after filling the system, as a result of which the working fluid at work will heat less, and absence in the working fluid of dissolved air will not disturb the uniformity of the hydraulic motor stroke.

Financial information

I appeal to you with the purpose of the sale you with the new device of the hydraulic drive, which relates to the engineering hydraulics. A compact energy-saving hydraulic drive is created. It is simple to manufacture, has a low cost, high reliability, while providing broad technological and operational capabilities. Advantages:
1. The length of service life of oil in the hydraulic system increases by several times;
2. Increase in the speed of the hydraulic drive output link and, consequently, increase of productivity of the working machine as a whole;
3. Energy saving;
4. Increase of service life of all units and mechanisms;
5. Absence of the expansion tank and, as a consequence – reduction in the cost of machine oil;
6. Low production costs;
7. High degree of reliability.

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