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My invention is a one piece outlet cover with two butterflies attached to the cover. One on top and the other on the bottom covering the sockets. Each butterfly measures 2 inches in height and 2 inches in length. Regular plastic individual covers are easy for little fingers to pry out of sockets and can result in a fatal accident. However, the Butterfly Outlet requires strength to open and pull. The butterfly wings have to be held tightly together to pull the butterfly legs ( little plastic prongs that are inside the sockets that measure approximately 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch in width all the way out and to the top for the top outlet plug and out and to the bottom for the bottom outlet plug. The outlet cover is screwed in just like any other cover. The butterfly legs will slide into the sockets. The sockets cannot be used if butterfly legs are not completely pulled out and butterfly is snapped into place. When the butterfly wings are pressed together a small piece of metal bent in the middle that is attached to each butterfly will be straightened out and will snap up or down depending on which outlet is being used. When finished and ready to close simply press butterfly wings tightly together and pull down or up ( down for top socket and up for bottom socket ) and press butterfly legs back into socket. Release the wings so that they rest on the sockets. Not only are The Butterfly Outlet Covers completely childproof, the butterflies also glow in the dark in soft fluorescent colors and they are attached to the covers. . So, no more lost outlet plug covers and no more lights needing to be left on at night. Imagine your home illuminated at night in various soft colors coming from every outlet that contains a Butterfly Glow In The Dark Plug In Outlet Cover! Beautiful! This idea has been filed as a provisional patent.

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