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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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The invention "Device for elastic connection between one wheel torsion rubber half axle and vehicle chassis frame" is based on the reconstruction of a classic rubber torsion axle. The invention can be used in vehicles requiring simple non-driving and non-steered axle, less impact of vibrations caused by the unevenness of the road on the construction of the vehicle, low distance of the floor of the vehicle and the floor of the vehicle made with many levels. The elastic connection between the rubber torsion half axle and the construction of the vehicle is accomplished with two resilient bearings, one cylindrical rotatable and other static elastic block. The rotation of the half axle around the rotatable bearing is limited by the elastic characteristics of static blocks. Vibrations of the semi-axle are absorbed from the parts of the elastic material contained in the two bearings, the swivel and the static.

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