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Dual Flow Disposable Turbine Rotating Nebulizer

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Magnificent developments in December 2018. The United States
USPTO approved the extended nebulizer figures confirming
The disposable turbine and detachable mouthpiece
Seen below as International Registration in image 1.
Guaranteed is our intellectual property now for the next
14 years in the United States and via WIPO 25 years with renewals
In 48 countries and the USA. Log in for the new, second patent number
Coming 2019.

In a comprehensive evaluation of USPTO and The Hague Wipo for worldwide health care's 19 billion dollar Nebulizer industry no one has patented a turbine pneumatically powered as a disposable to blend medications. Recognized in Uspto d796664 and 49 countries in the hague including Japan, EU, Aripo, Korea and usa. The Hague Wipo patent recognized by, Japan, EU ,is Dm097912. EU has given total grant of protection.This is also a split octohedron upper pyramid and lower pyramid design unrivaled in chic, modern Sophisticated assembly granting 9 individual units in unison instead of 2. A detachable mouthpiece,flow port turbine , drap enhancing lip protection, bottom cap , upper pyramid med cup, lower pyramid med cup, and discoid baffle. My career in respiratory as an RRT has been university, military, pediatric and geriatric with 10000 plus nebulizer treatments given .

Financial information

Originally, the top American Respiratory device corporation requested my patent information on a 2 year 14 email conversation. Financially , they declined to purchase on my terms leaving this disposable goldmine patented in 49 countries with the patent ready for 25 years renewal in 98 percent of the richest countries in the world including Japan, every EU country and the United States of America. Briefly as a dollar framework i will add that nebulizers earn more in 10 years than every Hollywood movie ever made combined since its inception 200 billion. They also out earn as medication cup and machine every sports league in america combined on the annual yearly basis.of 19 billion.

My needs are $250,000 down with the remaining 1,500,000 paid over 15 years for total ownership of the 49 countries Hague Patent Dm097912 and the USPTO design d796664. If its a corporate buyout
Perks in exchange for a $75,000 discount considered are 15 year health insurance plan, 401k enrollment, and travel and hotel benefits. That means the price per year per country the price is $1,428.57 iroughly over 25 years. Not greedy yet a cogently crafted investment for a medical device that could crumble the industry goliaths.

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