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This current amazing patented product that will revolutionize communication is directed to a self-contained cellular phone station, wherein the cellular phone handset has been designed for placement in a work or home environment in a traditional body of a home/office telephone design.

The invented Desktop Cellular phone will alleviate to great extent the disadvantage of the known existing home and office telephone apparatus limitations for using wireless communication systems.

Since millions of people in the United States and around the world use cellular phones, we devised an invention that combined the easy to use traditional phone body with updated multi-network cellular and satellite access functionality. The result is a highly mobile and adaptable communication device free of the wired telephone grid, or POTS (plain old telephone system) in other words “No terrestrial physical connection for traditional telephone service” is needed


This product creates a technology platform for the development of future communications service.

The patented product “Cellular Phone in a Body of a Home/Office Telephone” is capable of transmitting voice and data over a plurality of communication bands, by comprising: a hand set, a CDMA communication module, a GSM communication module, a direct link satellite communication module such Iridium and other similar systems, a CPU/switching hardware module comprising a CPU and a switching hardware module, and a plurality of auxiliary antennas; further comprising a WiFi communication module, a WiFi wireless internet hotspot antenna, a LTE CDMA module, a signal range extender and an internet router build-in to the base station to permit this device to connect to internet telephony service.
The patented product further comprises one or more USB ports. Via USB ports, the designed cellular phone for placement in a work or home environment can be used as a full computer by installing exterior keyboards, screens and any other computer device

This current invention can be described as a missing link in the voice communication field. This system bridges the gap between the portability of a cell phone and the functionality of a desktop use, ideal for homes. offices, hotels, schools, etc., and is also totally mobile. The invented Desktop Cellular phone will alleviate to great extent the disadvantage of the known existing home and office telephone apparatus limitations for using wireless communication systems.
The designed cellular phone of the patented product not only keeps the advantages of the traditional telephone device, such as easy to use, easy to be familiar with, the comfort of a traditional handset etc. but also offers the flexibility and power of modern internet communications and as a novel and innovative cellular phone product design, its application and market prospects will be unlimited.
Through an international patent search and global marketing research it is already known that this is a fantastic new innovation, unique and beneficial as compared with existing wireless communication technologies, therefore it can be marketed globally.
I have three patents GRANTED on the invention:

In the US Patent No. 9,871,896,
In the Republic of China Patent No. ZL 2011 8 0062608.1 &
In the Republic of Macau Patent No. J/002569.

I am seeking to license or assign the long-term rights of my intellectual property to a prestigious large company capable of producing and bring the product to the market. or a Partner to assist me to reach the goal

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